Conceived as one large building with the central portion removed to create a covered outdoor area. A large roof floats over both building and the central covered space, with a structural language of steel trees referencing the forest beyond.  Each wing is designed as a luminous shed with boxes inserted in the sides, each of these boxes contains the more private activities of the spaces such as classrooms and offices.

The translucent building cladding is contrasted with the heavier black cladding and recycled brickwork both externally and internally.

The resulting internal spaces provide flexible areas for both collaborative learning from small incidental groups to larger structured presentation for whole year groups. The glazed openings between classrooms and open area provide a high degree of supervision of study groups during structured class time, and transparency through the building to connect the internal space to the outdoors.

The large central spaces also act to cool the buildings during the warmer months with mechanically operable widows for cross ventilation and night purging of warm air during the evenings. Ceiling fans incorporated through the building to improve occupant comfort. All classroom boxes can be closed off from the central space and are acoustically insulated to achieve teaching privacy.

Display cases have been incorporated throughout both buildings for display interesting science artefacts and equipment. In places the display cases are glazed both sides to allow views into the classrooms thereby putting teaching on display and adding to the transparency through the building.

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