The complex that includes the Chapel is a modification in scope of a proposed requirement for a general-purpose hall. Reduced funds and rising construction costs meant a reduced scope and a creative interpretation of a general-purpose facility including a Chapel was required.

Integration of the Chapel with a Drama Centre in this stage has allowed the opportunity for buildings to adapt into a larger multi-purpose complex at certain times of the year. Large swing doors on both buildings allow expansion into a courtyard space in-between. This enables an increase in capacity from 180 & 100 people respectively to approximately 700 people. The whole development – Chapel and Drama Centre – with the nearby Resource Centre, combines to form a conference type facility that includes many varying spaces for teaching, meeting, and interaction.
This building is probably one of the more difficult to assemble. Although simple in plan and function it needs to address people at many levels – spiritual – practical – symbolic – environmental.

The design of the Chapel includes a number of sustainable design principles, including collection of rainwater & ground water (250,000 litres) in a tank under the building for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation, low energy light fittings, natural ventilation systems using high thermal mass and night purge, natural daylighting, high levels of insulation, hydronic slab heating and cooling (solar hot water – water for the in-slab heating is heated in the roof space using hot air and solar radiation and in summer the water is cooled using the water in the tank below the building), overland drainage for surface water using swales and dry ponding, recycled timber and solar panels.

The building received a Commendation for Sustainable Architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects.

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